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All you Teen Wolf Fans, should join Beacon_Hills! 

Where do you stand in the fight for Beacon Hills? Are you a proud hunter or a determined werewolf? Join beacon_hills</lj>, an interactive challenge comm for MTV's Teen Wolf and find out. The very 2nd Phase is starting and it'd be great fun to have some new member join in the fun.

You can either become a Hunter or a Werewolf, but both team are great and you'll have fun with which every one you are sorted into.

Apply here, let them know I sent you | Got a question? Ask here

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Ya'll should check out my cousin Troy singing a cover of the One Direction song 'Little Things'. I like One Direction, but I do not like this song, so for me to enjoy it says something. It's not because he's my cousin either since I don't share any of his other videos that he's done. I just like it and would share it no matter who it was... :)

New Graphics of the large size :)

Made a few new graphics, larger than the normal icons. I personally really like them, then again, I did make them. lol
There are only a few of them at the moment, and I'm making more as we speak. Hopefully I can get this filled up with graphics again soon, instead of just posting on my Facebook like I normally do.

Example: Kian and Jodi Egan wallpaper

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Sad News.

I know I rarely post on here, but I thought I'd update you all a bit. Sadly, my uncle passed away at 2:30am today. He had a massive heart attack as he was leaving work (luckily he wasn't driving yet). He leaves behind his family, my aunt and their two boys, Clinton who is 5 and Jared who is 11. He loved racing cars and spending time with his family. He was only 40 years old. 

10 Things I Love.... Once Upon A Time

1. The cast - I think the producers and casting directors did an amazing job with their jobs!
2. The Characters - It's like every Disney/fairy-tale on overdose
3.The Stories - Each episode has it's own general main character, with everybody else mixed in.
4. The Chemistry - Again, this goes down to casting and how the cast gets along
5. I love how it goes back and forth between the two worlds so seamlessly.
6. It's quite a funny show
7. I enjoy how everybody is intertwined with each other in one form or another.
8. I love the costumes in both 'Our World' and 'Their World'. They were very well thought out and go so well with the time periods.
9. Action and Romance are so intertwined as well. 
10. Everything!!

New Graphics soon!

I'll be making new graphics soon!! I just downloaded the pre-release of Photoshop CS6 and I am loving it so far. Really like the darker colors it uses, and a lot of little things. There are a few new filters as well as a 3D section - yes there was a 3D section in CS5, but this one is more organized and there is more things. I'll post screens up later if anybody would like to see but haven't yet. 

I'll be making a load of graphics for my crimegarcia soon! It's about time I did a lot more for my team, now that I am back online.

Hopefully I can join other sites for supernatural shows and I will be making graphics for Primeval, Doctor Who and Being Human.

Oh, and as I started to type this. Criminal Minds - The Last Word started :) It's the one about the doctor and his kid, the initial LZ.
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